Why hire a Consultant?

For most, planning a wedding is not a frequent activity. Most brides and grooms are not familiar with wedding florists, wedding photographers, cake bakers and DJs in the area. How will you know who is reputable? How will you know who is reliable and passionate about their work? All this and many other aspects of planning your wedding can cost you hours of research. ... Read More

Wedding Event Planning

When it comes to planning a wedding everyone’s needs are different. While some brides and grooms desire assistance with every aspect of the wedding planning, others want help with only a handful of things such as vendor suggestions, a timeline for the wedding day, reminders about the smaller details that may be forgotten. ... Read More

Wedding Coordination

It isn’t always necessary to have a coordinator for your wedding day, but it is always a good idea. After you've spent months planning and putting everything together, making sure your guests will have good food, good music and good company, you want to sit back and enjoy your wedding day. ...Read More