Big dreams, Small budget

Your Wedding Day

 You’ve dreamt of this day since you were a little girl. The day you truly get to be a princess. Now that its here, you’ve got big plans, big dreams but not a big checkbook. How are you going to make your dream wedding a reality and not have to be paying off the credit cards for years to come?

Wedding Extravaganza by Ventura, California Bridal Consultant

Wedding Extravaganza  by Ventura, California Bridal Consultant Jennifer Colegrove

 Ventura, California Bridal Consultant

Enlist the help of a professional wedding planner right from the start and be very realistic about what you can spend. There are many ways you can have a magical event on a budget. Is there a family member with a large backyard you can use for the reception- or even just the ceremony? What about using a nice park in your town? City permit fees cost a lot less than renting a ballroom and with some lighting and a little decor, you can easily create a romantic atmosphere.

  Begin with getting some help prioritizing your budget. There should be some things you’re willing to skimp a little on and some things that you feel are worth every penny. For some brides, buying a dress that’s discounted because its last years’ style is fine, but hiring a top notch professional photographer is of utmost importance. For others, it may be the food that they feel should be no expense spared, and putting together arrangements of silk flowers will suit their taste just fine. Decide what’s right for you and make a list of the top priorities and the lowest priorities and make sure to leave yourself some room for those little details you’ve forgotten.