Wedding Day Coordination

Wedding Day Coordination

It isn’t always necessary to have a coordinator for your wedding day, but it is always a good idea. (However, many venues Require you to hire a professional event coordinator and many professional wedding event planners and coordinators charge very high fees for this one day service. I prefer to offer affordable and flexible Day-of coordination prices).

Mandalay-Beach Embassy Suites Wedding

Day of Wedding Coordination – Mandalay Beach Wedding

 After you’ve spent months planning and putting everything together, making sure your guests will have good food, good music and good company, you want to sit back and enjoy your wedding day. When (not if, but when) something comes up that needs attention, your day-of coordinator takes care of it, often without you even knowing something came up. If you don’t have a coordinator, who takes care of it? Either you, your or your fiancés mom, or a close friend, all of whom you’d like to be able to relax and enjoy themselves.

If you’ve hired a planner, this service is very likely included, but if you did the planning yourself, you’ll need to budget for a wedding day coordinator. The cost varies by business and can sometimes be as high as $1800. I offer flexible and affordable prices typically ranging from $600 to $800, sometimes slightly lower or higher depending on the specifics of the event.

Day of Wedding Coordinator in Ventura County

 For day- of coordinator services, I assist in setting up decorations at both sites, wedding party line-up for processional, I oversee final set-up at reception site and ensure reception events stay on schedule as well as hand out final payments to vendors, gather and transport decorations, flowers, gifts, if needed and assure the venue is cleared at the close of your celebrations. If there are additional tasks you may need me to complete, I am happy to accommodate.