Wedding & Event Planning

Wedding & Event Planning

When it comes to planning a wedding everyone’s needs are different. While some brides and grooms desire assistance with every aspect of the wedding planning, others want help with only a handful of things such as vendor suggestions, a timeline for the wedding day, reminders about the smaller details that may be forgotten, etc. I am just as happy to be there for you to help with every detail from venue to brand of champagne as I am to merely review your plans and be there on the big day. I do not limit the number of times we talk, text or email for any set of services I offer. Even if you just need to vent to someone neutral about your fiancés mother because she’s trying to run the show or cry at someone because you just found out that your best friend can’t attend, I am happy to be a listening ear. I am more than your wedding planner. I am your friend.

Wedding Planner Ventura County Jennifer Colegrove

Wedding Planner Jennifer Colegrove – Incredible Photo by Alex Neumann.

 Ventura and Santa Barbara Wedding Planner

Wedding planners, for the most part, have a reputation for being fierce, strict, and are sometimes even referred to by other wedding professionals and vendors as “The Dragon Lady”. When I decided to start my wedding planning business I knew right away that what would set me apart is my easygoing attitude. Don’t get me wrong, if the circumstances require a dragon lady, I’m all over it, but I prefer to let things unfold naturally as long as they aren’t detrimental to the overall event I am hired to oversee.