Wedding Ojai, California

Wedding at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

I recently had the opportunity to work with the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, Ca. What an amazing venue!

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

Wedding Venue | Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

The couple really had all their ducks in a row and it made my job both a breeze and a load of fun! I even had time to eat dinner with the wait staff, but I didn’t have cake (sad face). Somehow I manage to always miss the opportunity to eat wedding cake. Oh Well. Anyway, the bride and groom were pleasant, easy going, and had a wonderful group come celebrate with them.

It was an intimate event with approximately 30 guests. The officiant was a close friend of the couple’s as was the photographer. Reception music played though a couple of speakers set up by theInnand was managed by a member of the wedding party. So- other than the Ojai Valley Inn and myself, the only vendors were florist, Kelly, of Florette located inHermosa Beach,CAand a wedding guitarist, Brandt Jacobus fromManhattan Beach,CAwho played pre ceremony, ceremony and cocktail hour music, which was absolutely beautiful.

I was hired three weeks before the wedding day for Day-of Coordination so I had little to no time to do any “getting to know” the couple, their close family or their wedding party (which there wasn’t any). It was on the drive out to the rehearsal that I realized how nervous I was. It had dawned on me that I was going to be Coordinating an event at a venue I hadn’t ever been to, for a bride and groom I’d never met, and where there wouldn’t be ONE person I wasn’t going to be meeting for the first time. Good thing I’m a people person. It all worked out just fine.

The rehearsal was fabulous. Everyone listened and followed instructions (doesn’t happen very often). And I didn’t even need my bull horn . It was a good indicator of how the Big Day was going to go.

The Wedding Day was a complete success. Everyone remembered what to do and when during the ceremony. The music was beautiful (did I already say that?), photo time was fun, the catering staff accommodated to a slightly later than planned dinner without a hitch, (the food was fantastic by the way) and I, for one, came away form the event feeling very honored to have been a part of it.

Congratulations Sheila and Chip!! Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be a part of you Wedding Day




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